What Plastic Material Does Cream Jar Use Qualitative Good?

June 17,2021

Cream jar is one of the most important cosmetics packaging materials. The market share is relatively large. But cream is not a liquid, and is somewhat different from a solid in that it has a certain viscosity. Therefore, the cream bottle packaging will be different from other packaging types. At present, there are mainly glass, plastic and flexible tube packaging on the market, among which the most important is plastic cream bottle packaging.


Plastic cream jar has a lot of material: such as PP, PET, PETG, acrylic, etc., in many plastic cream jar, the best or several acrylic cream jar. For acrylic cream jar packaging there are many obvious points:


1. Acrylic cream jar appearance similar to glass, high-grade temperament, special packaging needs of composite cosmetics.

2. Acrylic cream jar packaging is durable, glass cream jar is easy to break.

3. Acrylic cream jar feel, with a thick feeling, and good process expansion, these are acrylic cream jar packaging in the cosmetics packaging market popular reasons.


Of course, acrylic cream jar also have some drawbacks.


First of all, the sealing performance of the acrylic cream jar is not good, and it is easy for bacteria to enter after the large aperture is opened. This is also the reason why medical creams do not use acrylic cream bottles. Secondly, acrylic cream jar packaging is not good extrusion, relatively speaking, flexible packaging extrusion is more convenient.


Of course, although plastic cream jar is better acrylic, but in fact, according to the current technology PP, PET and other plastic materials can also generate very good cream jar, but also have more advantages in price. After all, an enterprise can not only consider the packaging material, but also consider the market positioning of the product, the price cost, only these are suitable for each other, is the best cream jar material.