How To Select Cosmetic Packaging Materials

September 25,2021

Different grades of products can be used in different packaging
So, how to make their own characteristics in the packaging of cosmetics products? As far as the products of professional cinemas are concerned, the product positioning should generally follow three grades: low, medium, high and high. Launch personalized packaging. In color, packaging materials with the launch of grade, more easily accepted by consumers.


For example, for low-grade products, supplementary packaging can be launched, using environmentally friendly and recyclable materials. On colorific choice, can use argent, white, pink to wait for light color attune. The material can be plastic tin foil.


In the middle, high-grade products, materials should be used environmental protection glue, degradable plastic or recycled paper. The color of kraft paper, light color, white can be chosen on color. If the use of environmental protection cosmetics packaging materials, the product appears to have a big brand style. As the plastic lipstick cover supports environmental protection, it is of great help to enhance the brand's reputation.