Benefits of Foaming Soap

June 19,2022

Foaming soaps have seen a dramatic rise in global popularity in recent years. Foaming soaps have advantages over traditional liquid soaps. Therefore, the market demand for foam pumps and dispensers is increasing.
For consumers, perhaps the biggest cost-saving difference between foam and traditional lotion soaps is water usage. Because foaming soaps do not require additional water to lather, use up to 45% less water when hands are not wet before lathering. Likewise, when people washed their hands with foam hand sanitizer, they used 16% less water per hand wash than when they used liquid soap.
You can get more hand sanitizer per package with foaming soap, which helps reduce the environmental impact of packaging and transportation.
Commercial consumers with high-traffic restrooms such as airports, entertainment venues, public attractions, or large office buildings may see millions of handwashings per year. For these soap consumers, a 10% reduction in handwashing water usage can have a major impact on profits. In fact, that could mean that liquid soap users will consume 14,800 more gallons (56,000 liters) of water than foam soap users for every 1 million hand washing. Reducing water usage per wash contributes to the environmental and economic benefits of lather soap.
Environmental friendly
In addition to the economic benefits of using foaming soaps instead of lotions, there are also environmental benefits. Foaming soaps generally biodegrade faster than conventional soaps, in part because forced air causes natural lather. As a result, less soap ends up going down the drain, which is better for our environment.
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